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Powering network connectivity for retailers

Walk into a retail outlet today and there is a tremendous amount of technology that exists whether it’s electronic tags, traffic counters, point of sale (POS) systems, security cameras or initiatives for transforming the in-store journey like kiosks, beacons, tablets or even virtual reality experiences. The networking for all these initiatives is becoming increasingly complex and costly with more and more data traffic to meet the needs of the fast-moving retail environment. Powering Wi-Fi and store applications, powering the day-to-day operational demands, powering unified commerce, powering the customer experience and demands for more digital services has made connectivity a primary challenge facing retailers.

The technology behind Amazon Go: retail IT taken to the next level

Amazon Go was due to open to the public by the end of this month, after launching in beta mode to employees in December. Reports suggest that the technology generally functions flawlessly if there are fewer than 20 customers present, or when their movements are slow. However, due to slight kinks in the technology used to automatically charge customers as they leave, and the difficulty of keeping tabs on an item if it has been removed from its specific spot on the shelf, it is now unclear when the store will open.

2017 Network Infastructure Product of the Year

2017 Network Infastructure Product of the Year

Cradlepoint was awarded “Network Infrastructure Product of the Year” for the NetCloud Platform. This is the second year in a row that Cradlepoint has been honored. The Network Computing Awards are held annually and aim to reward and recognize organizations for their expertise in the technology and networking field. Now in their 11th year, the awards offer readers of Network Computing the opportunity to reward innovative and groundbreaking solutions.

Cradlepoint Scores Big, Pushes Wireless WAN Service

Those putting wide area network (WAN) systems to use in corporate environments only seem to be growing in number, and as such, the companies looking to provide WAN, whether software-defined (SD-WAN) or in a hybrid WAN approach are on the rise as well. Recently, Cradlepoint noted its own significant advance in the field, demonstrated by landing an $89 million Series C funding round.