Wireless WAN Networks for Retail

Never say no to a sale.

Why you need 3G / 4G connections to keep your retail business in business:

When a customer is standing at the point of sale prepared to make a purchase, the last thing a retailer wants to say (and the last thing the customer wants to hear) is “Sorry, the system is down; we can’t take credit cards right now.” Not being able to accept a credit card, just as a customer is all set to buy, is every retailer’s worst nightmare.

Challenge: The need for fast continuous connections

  • Cost/benefit balance – Affordable DSL and cable connections come at the price of several hours a month of downtime. T1 connections are better, but can be too costly for multiple stores.
  • Need for high performance – Sometimes wired connections can be up and running, but their poor performance tries customers’ patience as they wait for transactions to go through.
  • Inventory control – Retailers need continuous Internet connectivity not just for credit card sales, but also to get up-to-date inventory and pricing information from data centers.

Solution: Failover and M2M-IoT from Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint addresses retailer needs for backup when a primary wired connection drops off or slows down. Quick and easy to deploy, Cradlepoint solutions for failover and M2M provide 3G/4G/LTE network connectivity to avoid potentially disastrous service interruptions.

In action: Fast, reliable connectivity for a window coverings retailer

A leading North American retailer of window blinds and shades, Blinds To Go, relies on a Cradlepoint failover solution to provide continuous uptime for store transactions in the event of an outage of primary wired connections (T1, DSL or cable, depending on location).

  • Faster, better service – Once the Cradlepoint solutions were implemented at store locations, the retailer noticed a 10-15% improvement in connection speed and reliability.
  • Simple deployment to multiple locations – The Cradlepoint failover solution allows the retailer to save a single, simple configuration file to disk for easy and quick deployment to other units.
  • 3G/4G/LTE support – Consistent firmware upgrades build on the functions of the Cradlepoint routers to enhance connectivity and networking speed.