Advanced Add-On plan update and NetCloud Enhancements: New Cellular Health Dashboard & Location Tracking

Add Security & Analytics to your Network

The Branch and Mobile Advanced Add-On plans have recently been expanded to include CP Secure Threat Management (IPS/IDS).  Implementing these features on top of the Branch and Mobile Essentials brings the following to your network:


Cellular Health Dashboard

NetCloud Manager now provides simple cellular health metrics with an easy to understand score in our Health Dashboard (along with WAN Uptime).

  • Ensures that each location has optimal connectivity and provides feedback to improve modem location.
  • Provides true strength of connection by carrier.
  • Proactively identifies which locations need attention in a simple view allowing few resources to manage many sites, thereby reducing costs. 

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Cellular Health Dashboard screen shot


Location Tracking

NetCloud Manager now includes Location Tracking for NetCloud Mobile customers.  With Location Tracking, you can:

  • Tracks historic device location through location bread crumbs, providing a visual display (for up to 30 days).
  • Enable additional LTE troubleshooting capability for locating poor coverage areas.
  • Use simple integrated vehicle tracking without the expense of a full AVL solution.  

Location Tracking is available in the NetCloud Mobile Advanced Add-On plan.

For more information, please read this article about Configuring NetCloud Manager GeoView and Geo-fence Location Services.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Location Tracking screen shot