And the Winner is ...

It’s that time of year again in LA when the red-carpet flows and the winged woman holding an atom ends up in the clutches of our favorite television stars and show directors. In this, the 70th anniversary of the Emmy’s, we see a cable produced show, set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros (Game of Thrones), with a whopping 22 nominations, and looking surely to add more this year to their illustrious tally as #1 all-time for wins by a scripted series.

(H)eyyyy, whoa ... you mean to tell me Happy Days isn’t No. 1 all-time? Sit on it!

But partners please take note, because the fictional juxtaposition stopped just shy of the steps of LA Live, literally, as just a few feet away another big event was held last week in Los Angeles, Mobile World Congress Americas 2018. For thirty-one years (or since LA Law took home 13 Emmy’s) Mobile World Congress, aka GSM World Congress, has acted as a launching pad for the latest and greatest in technology, and this year’s version did not disappoint. How could it? With the “biggest disrupter since electricity” on center stage, the buzz around 5G turned out to be bigger than the word count of a Matthew McConaughey acceptance speech ... alright, alright, alright. And for good reason, as Cradlepoint and Verizon announced that we are working together to develop an evolutionary pathway for enterprises from LTE Advanced to 5G. 

Grab your popcorn because as Justin Blair, executive director of business products at Verizon, said, "There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation within the business community regarding the transformative role 5G will play in next-generation wide-area networks.”   And as Mike Sapian from Ovum points out, “the B2B market represents one of the most significant opportunities for 5G, and this partnership can only speed its development and delivery.”

Cradlepoint has leveraged its 4G experience in working closely with Verizon on early 5G lab deployments with our products serving as the on-premise wireless router in numerous 5G customer trials across the country. Together, you will see a tremendous commitment from Verizon and Cradlepoint to provide our partners an evolutionary path to 5G that delivers the pervasive connectivity and network agility that enterprises need to embrace digital transformation fully and connect people, places and things in new ways not previously thought possible ... not even in the thirty-one Emmy winning Star Trek series!

So, in turn, “The winner is ... you, our partners, who have a tremendous opportunity to prepare yourself and your customers for this new transformative era.

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  1. Stay tuned for ongoing 5G learning opportunities from Cradlepoint, especially around the role 4G LTE-Advanced and 5G solutions can play in your customers WAN transformation .
  2. Market and help facilitate a Cradlepoint Consultative Workshop on 5G Networking Strategies with key accounts or high-profile targets.
  3. Investigate options with your Channel Account and Marketing Managers for actual customer or prospect 5G trials.

“With the roll-out of 5G services commencing, we are entering a new and disruptive era for cellular wireless services which promises to provide users with fast, ‘always on’ communications that rival wired connections,” said Mike Sapien, VP and chief analyst at OVUM.

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