Cradlepoint Announces FirstNet Ready Modem & New Branch Router + NetCloud Enhancements

NetCloud Solutions for First Responders

Cradlepoint’s new MC400-600M-C-AT modem is FirstNet ReadyTM. When paired with Cradlepoint branch, mobile, or IoT capable routers, FirstNet features are fully supported, including prioity and pre-emption, as well as the Band 14 spectrum. All of Cradlepoint's dual-modem routers are field-upgradeable and accept the MC400 plug-in module as a second modem.


FirstNet and FirstNet Ready are registered trademarks and service marks of the First Responder Network Authority, an independent authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Cradlepoint FirstNet Ready diagram with MC400


Cradlepoint CR4250 Branch Performance Router

Branch Solution Update Announcing New CR4250

The Cradlepoint CR4250 Branch Performance Router is designed for mid-sized branches with expanded performance and connectivity needs. It intelligently manages WAN connectivity for a highly available “connected experience” at the edge. When deployed with Cradlepoint's LTE gatways and access points, the CR4250 is a high-powered all-in-one solution for the branch that's easily managed via the cloud with NetCloud Manager.


NetCloud Enhancements

Highlights of this month’s enhancements to NetCloud Manager include:

Forecasted Monthly LTE Data Usage per carrier

This feature automatically predicts LTE data usage per carrier during the month to help avoid data overages.

  • Avoid carrier data overage costs by predicting data usage before it happens
  • See spikes in data usage during specific months or over time in growth or seasonal businesses
  • Manage networks smartly with Data Usage trend analytics during the billing cycle

WiFi Management Improvements

  • Wildcard MAC filtering for WiFi clients to allow or block groups of types of WiFi clients based on the device manufacturer instead of by individual MAC addresses
  • Ability to disable WiFi client timeout to allow clients to stay connected indefinitely

Force Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all users in an NCM account

This feature allows NCM Admins to enable and enforce MFA for every user in the account.

  • Improves security by requiring users to use multi-factor authentication
  • Ensures company policies are enforced when authenticating into NetCloud
  • Configure and require MFA login for all users in the account with a single click

A more complete list of NetCloud Manager enhancements can be found in the Release Notes.