Cradlepoint Announces Gigabit-Class LTE Solutions Based on Elastic Wideband Technology

NetCloud Solutions for Branch and Mobile now include Gigabit-Class LTE edge routers

Cradlepoint new Gigabit-Class LTE edge devices are available in the following NetCloud Solution packages:

NetCloud Solution Packages for Branch:

Cradlepoint AER2200-1200M

AER2200-1200M—All-in-one Gigabit-Class LTE edge routers include a second modem option and SD-WAN, security, WiFi, and IoT functionality.


Cradlepoint AER2200-1200M

CBA850-1200M LTE Adapter—This remotable LTE modem provides fast and reliable LTE connectivity for primary and failover uses and works with any traditional or SD-WAN router.


NetCloud Solution Packages for Mobile:

Cradlepoint IBR1700 & IBR900-1200M

IBR1700-1200M & IBR900-1200M—These ruggedized, Gigabit-Class LTE edge routers for in-vehicle and portable deployments have a second modem option and mobile SD-WAN, WiFi, GPS, and engine telemetry relay functionality.


MC400 Modular Modem:

Cradlepoint MC400-1200M

MC400-1200M—This can be inserted into any Cradlepoint LTE router with an expansion slot, enabling Gigabit-Class LTE connectivity to be easily added.