NetCloud Edge Connector, Marketplace & other updates

In a world now covered with IoT-driven efficiencies, Cradlepoint’s new NetCloud Edge Connector provides a simple way for organizations to set up reliable and secure orchestration of IoT sensor data from Cradlepoint LTE edge routers to Microsoft Azure IoT Central.

Customers can take advantage of NetCloud Edge Connector for Azure IoT Central across Cradlepoint’s Mobile, IoT, and Branch solutions with a NetCloud Advanced Plan license.

Cradlepoint Edge Connector screen shot


Next, NetCloud now includes a new Marketplace tab, providing Admins with an easy way to purchase certain licenses and subscription renewals. Easier than ever before, NetCloud Admins and Users can trial new Advanced features from the Applications tab and then convert the license in the Marketplace with a credit card purchase. The continuous delivery of new features to the NetCloud Service makes this ease of purchase even more important. 

Cradlepoint Marketplace screen shot


Third, NetCloud also now includes a new card in the Health Dashboard called Devices Lifecycle. This new card shows customers which endpoints have operating software that is nearing the end of its supported life so that customers can proactively plan for upgrades. 

Cradlepoint Devices Lifecycle chart


Read Devices Lifecycle information in our Customer Community.

NetCloud Mobile App

New versions of the Netcloud Mobile app have been added to the Apple App store and to Google Play.

New features in NetCloud Mobile give the NetCloud admin or user even more power in the palm of the hand to manage the NetCloud Service and a network.

The new versions include:

  • Biometrics for login
  • Location Tracking for mobile endpoints with Advanced Plan licenses
  • Ability to accept Collaborator Requests
  • Added signal information for WiFi as WAN interfaces