NetCloud Enhancements

Device License Management

A new license tab on the device dashboard gives users the ability to manage subscription licenses (and features) by device:

  • See a device's currently licensed subscription
  • Know the device’s subscription expiration date and days remaining
  • Upgrade/downgrade a device’s license as needed and allowed

Cradlepoint NCM screen shot


See LTE insights with new display of actively connected band(s) by modem

In the network interfaces dashboard under the device tab, you can now set a column to display “RF Band” to show the actively connected band(s).

  • Demonstrates the modem’s ability to connect to multiple bands
  • Helpful for First Responders showing Band 14

Cradlepoint NCM screen shot


NetCloud Operating System (NCOS) 7.0

NCOS 7.0 rolled out on November 6 and offers a new FIPS-compliant release to deliver new features to your devices:

  • Logging and reporting improvements
  • Auto VPN
  • WiFi improvements
  • OBD-II support for IBR1700-FIPS and IPR900-FIPS
  • And more!

A more complete list of NetCloud Manager enhancements and NCOS updates can be found in the Release Notes.