NetCloud Service Enhancements

NetCloud Manager Networks – Auto VPN

What is it? Simply create, provision, and manage a VPN network in minutes by automatically configuring VPN parameters to establish and maintain a VPN session between Cradlepoint routers.


  • Removes complexity of creating VPN network
  • Dashboard for network monitoring
  • Easily add remote routers to existing network
  • Default network setting that can be customized
    • Full or Split Tunnel
    • Encryption Type

Cradlepoint AutoVPN diagram


Cradlepoint SSO icon

Federated ID – SAML 2.0 Support

What is it? Authenticate to NetCloud services using end customer’s credentials (including Active Directory).

  • SAML 2.0 Support
  • Cloud Identity Provider Support


  • Authenticate to NetCloud using customers Active Directory credentials
  • Reduced Security Risks
    • Companies use and enforce their internal Active Directory policies as defined by their security team to authenticate to NetCloud (i.e. password enforcement, password resets)
  • Increased Organizational Productivity
    • Admin creates grant access to NetCloud from their internal Active Directory for single source of truth and simpler administration

NetCloud Perimeter – Native iOS App​

What is it?​ NetCloud Perimeter (NCP) Client iOS app for easy NCP network connectivity. ​


  • Simple NetCloud Perimeter network connectivity user experience​
  • Simplifies on-boarding of iOS devices​
  • Available on the Apple App Store ​

Search for “NetCloud Client” on the Apple App Store.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Perimeter iOS App