Parallel Networks

Security That is Easy to Deploy & Manage


Cradlepoint Parallel Networks diagram


Cradlepoint Solutions for Parallel Networks — Implementing Air-Gapped Networks





AER Series Routers


Connect confidently at the Network’s Edge with the Cradlepoint AER, the cloud-managed Advanced Edge Routing platform that supports both wired and LTE wireless for robust Parallel Networks.



COR Series Routers


Cradlepoint’s COR series provides off-the-shelf ease of use coupled with industry-leading reliability and scalability for Parallel Networks.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine


Cradlepoint NetCloud


Rapidly deploy and manage networks at geographically distributed locations with NetCloud Manager, Cradlepoint’s network management and application solution within the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform.






Solution Benefits:

Save time: Save IT resources by saving time, expertise, and money spent managing monolithic networks.


Decrease PCI scope: Minimize IT effort required to maintain PCI Compliance.


Mitigate security risks: If an employee device or third party network is compromised, there is no risk the attackers could pivot to other servers or networks, including those that hold sensitive data.


Reduce soft costs: Parallel Networking often reduces an enterprise's soft costs, including the need for complex network configurations that are subject to human error, more complicated PCI Compliance audits, and the general quality of service (QoS) setting for specific applications.


"I walk in with everything I need. With the Cradlepoint router, in less than an hour, the kiosk is up and running and ready to go. No waiting. No relying on anyone but me."


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Solution Briefs


Air-gapping to Secure the Network's Edge
As the distributed enterprise’s gateway to their corporate WAN, the Network’s Edge is particularly vulnerable to security threats.


LTE Advanced
Cradlepoint has the world’s first suite of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) routing platforms for branch and in-vehicle networks.


Primary Connect Solutions
Today’s enterprises capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing and the ability to connect to the Internet in more places than ever before.