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Q3 2019 Summary

Security, Visibility & Analytics Updates

Q3 NetCloud Manager updates provide proactive alerts and important visibility and analytics for threat protection, subscription management, and data usage analytics.  

PLUS:  new NetCloud Mobile features

Managing your Cradlepoint network and endpoints on Android or iOS devices is easier than ever with new dashboards.




Q2 2019 Summary

Advanced Add-On plan update and NetCloud Enhancements: New Cellular Health Dashboard & Location Tracking

Cradlepoint’s Secure Threat Management service for IPS/IDS is now included in NetCloud Branch and Mobile Advanced Add-On plans.  These Advanced Add-On plans bring extra analytics and security features to your network.  

Recent NetCloud service enhancements include the addition of Cellular Health to the Health Dashboards (also includes WAN Uptime) and for Mobile customers, Location Tracking has been added to location services for customers with the Mobile Advanced Add-On plan.




Q1 2019 Summary

NetCloud Enhancements: Improved Modem Firmware Management & Account Subscription Visibility Configure

This month, NetCloud highlights are the ability to upgrade the modem firmware on multiple devices in a single click and dashboard visibility of your NetCloud subscriptions for better account management.



NetCloud Enhancements: Advanced Upgrade & Pooled Carrier Data Usage Alerts

This month, the NetCloud highlight is the ability to trial an Advanced Upgrade (based on your device types) from the Applications tab of NetCloud Manager. If your NetCloud Solution Package is at the Essentials level, you can try the Advanced Upgrade for 90 days.

See what’s new in NetCloud Manager and NetCloud OS from our past few releases!



Cradlepoint Announces Gigabit-Class LTE Solutions Based on Elastic Wideband Technology

New NetCloud Solution Packages for Branch and Mobile now deliver reliable, gigabit-class wireless connectivity for enterprise and public safety organizations while providing a ‘Pathway to 5G’ in the future.

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Q4 2018 Summary

NetCloud Enhancements

This month, the NetCloud highlight is a new customized alert to notify a system administrator when a pooled carrier data limit is reached. NetCloud Manager helps customers predict data usage for the billing cycle to avoid costly overages.

See what’s new in NetCloud Manager and NetCloud OS from our past few releases!



Cradlepoint Announces FirstNet Ready Modem & New Branch Router + NetCloud Enhancements

NetCloud Solutions for First Responders

Cradlepoint's new MC400-600M-C-AT is FirstNet ReadyTM.  All Cradlepoint solution packages can accept the MC400 modem and are available for first responders.  

Branch Solution Update Announcing the CR4250

The new CR4250 Branch Performance Router provides a high-powered all-in-one solution for the branch.  

NetCloud Enhancements

See what is new in NetCloud Manager this month!



Q1 2018 Summary

Cradlepoint Introduces NetCloud Solution Packages

Cradlepoint simplifies and enhances solution offerings with NetCloud Solution Packages that enable an Elastic EdgeSM for branch, mobile, and IoT networking applications.


Each NetCloud Solution Package brings together Cradlepoint's award-winning software and includes hardware and support.  All packages are specifically tailored to deliver secure, modern networking and compelling value for small branch, mobile (in-vehicle), and M2M/IoT applications. 


  • Easy to find the right solution
  • Fast to deploy and realize value
  • Future-proof with regular updates and upgrades to advanced functionality
  • Assure success with 24x7 support and lifetime warranty




Cradlepoint Introduces New Hardware for NetCloud Solution Packages

  • AER2200 Branch Router: Purpose-built LTE router designed to deliver an Elastic Edge for a wide range of branch locations
  • AP22 Branch Access Point: Designed to work with AER Series routers to extend secure WiFi coverage within smaller branch or store sites
  • IBR1700 Mobile Router: Ruggedized LTE router extends the value of SD-WAN to mobile networks in vehicles and mobile command centers
  • IBR200 IoT Gateway: Compact, semi-ruggedized LTE gateway for secure, cloud-managed IoT networking







NetCloud Service Enhancements

  • AutoVPN: Provides orchestration of VPN overlays and enables customers to quickly and easily set up and monitor hub-and-spoke VPNs using NetCloud Manager.
  • Federated ID / SAML Single-Sign-On Support: Simplifies and enhances the security of NetCloud Manager logins by allowing customers to authenticate using their current SAML-compliant directory credentials, such as Active Directory.
  • iOS Client for NetCloud Perimeter: Cradlepoint has released an iOS native client for NCP that enables secure access to IoT devices, applications, and VM/server resources on an NCP Virtual Cloud Network from any iOS tablet or phone.



Q4 2017 Summary


Cradlepoint investments continue to deliver new capabilities for an Elastic Edge in small branch, mobile, and M2M/IoT networks. 


Branch & Mobile

New product launches include significant steps toward delivering a modern network for the fixed branch and mobile branch (in-vehicle) with the addition of Layer 7 traffic analytics and secure web filtering at the edge and fully integrated into the NetCloud platform



For M2M/IoT networks Cradlepoint brings NetCloud Perimeter to market, a new way to build, secure and manage networks for the Internet of Things.  Integration with NetCloud Platform makes it easy-to-use through remote single-pane-of-glass management with branch and mobile networks. 


Cradlepoint Moves NetCloud Perimeter to General Availability

Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine is renamed NetCloud Perimeter.  Additional features have been added and the service is now in General Availability.


  • Collaborator Support: Users can manage both NetCloud Manager and NetCloud Perimeter with collaborator permissions
  • Static IP Reservations: Static IP overlay address is assigned to each overlay network device





Cradlepoint Introduces NetCloud Manager Enterprise

Cradlepoint introduces a new tier in the NetCloud platform, NetCloud Manager Enterprise.  It includes Layer 7 Traffic Analytics that enable deeper network insights and enhanced SD-WAN capabilities.  The new tier also includes Secure Web Filtering that delivers additional security for direct-to-internet WAN traffic.  


  • Traffic Analytics: Layer 7 application visibility and awareness
  • Secure Web Filters: Web content access management for direct-to-internet traffic at the edge




Q3 2017

Cradlepoint Releases New Security Option & Expands Use Cases With New Management Features in NetCloud Engine

Cradlepoint continues to invest in NetCloud Engine to bring the advantages of dark cloud security (or of a software-defined perimeter) to customers who need to integrate IoT connections into corporate networks.

  • Secure Internet Access on NetCloud Gateway: Enables simple end-to-end encryption for all traffic behind a NCE gateway
  • Multiple Cloud Networks per Account: Enables multiple cloud networks in a single NetCloud account
  • Member of Multiple Cloud Networks: Users can be members or administrators to multiple networks at different times

Cradlepoint Releases Secure Cloud Management for LAN-Connected Third-Party Devices in NetCloud Manager

Cradlepoint leverages NetCloud Manager’s unique connectivity to enable secure cloud management for non-cloud-managed third-party devices, plus enhancements to Out-of-Band Management capabilities.  

  • Remote Connect LAN Manager: Secure cloud management for any LAN connected device with no setup; non-cloud managed devices are now cloud manageable
  • Advanced OOBM: Improved user experience, ease of use, and available to "view only" router permission users two networks on one SIM (multiple APNs on one SIM)
  • Secure Access to Local Router UI: Advanced troubleshooting and real-time router status

Cradlepoint Releases NetCloud OS 6.4

Cradlepoint updates router software for enhanced network security and configuration flexibility with release of NetCloud OS 6.4.

  • Auto-Tunnel: Easy-to-setup, resilient VPN tunnel between two Cradlepoint routers
  • Multiple PDN: Two networks on one SIM (multiple APNs on one SIM)
  • IPv6 Support: Improvements to Cradlepoint's existing rich support of IPv6

Cradlepoint Unifies NetCloud Platform with New Updates

Cradlepoint updates key software elements to unify them under the NetCloud Services umbrella. 

  • NetCloud OS: Router firmware is named and elevated as a key pillar of the NetCloud Platform
  • NetCloud Manager: Enterprise Cloud Manager, the single-pane-of-glass management service for all Cradlepoint solutions, is renamed NetCloud Manager
  • NetCloud Engine: A Software-Defined Perimeter service offering dark cloud security

Q2 2017

Next-Gen M2M/IoT LTE Routers: COR IBR600C/IBR650C Series

Cradlepoint extends its leadership in 4G LTE networking with the introduction of the COR IBR600C and IBR650C series routers that will support a wide range of demanding M2M and IoT applications.


  • Joins the IBR600B series as the follow-on routing platforms for the market-leading IBR600 series
  • Software-defined radios with 4G LTE with and full 3G fall back (both EVDO, and HSPA+) for both Verizon and Sprint
  • Range of features to support high-capability M2M, IoT and parallel networks

The new routers also support our Extensibility Platform elements: Router SDK, COR Extensibility Dock, and NCM API.



Q1 2017

Cradlepoint Introduces Next-Gen In-Vehicle LTE Routers

Cradlepoint extends its leadership in 4G LTE networking with the introduction of the COR IBR900 and IBR950 Series routers that will support a wide range of demanding in-vehicle and M2M/IoT applications.


  • First LTE routers in the world to offer the latest generation “Wave 2” gigabit WiFi (802.11ac)
  • Quad core processor can achieve near-gigabit operational speeds on both Ethernet and WiFi, and take full advantage of carrier improvements in LTE Advanced networks
  • Ruggedized and a range of features to support high-capability in-vehicle networks

The new routers also support our Extensibility Platform elements: Router SDK, COR Extensibility Dock, and NCM API.





Cradlepoint enhances SD-WAN offering with release of Firmware 6.3

Cradlepoint meets real customer needs with better reliability and availability, improved application experience, and enhanced security and supportability.


  • Smart WAN Selection (SWANS): Smart, automated failover when primary connection degrades
  • Automatic Quality of Service (Auto-QoS): Optimizes real-time (voice & video) application experience when network traffic congestion occurs
  • IKEv2 Support: Enhanced authentication with X.509 certificates, improved encryption policies & security, and mobility support
  • Enhanced Supportability: Better IPSec status reporting, Firewall Hit Counter, Support Page





Cradlepoint Adds New Analytics Capabilities to NetCloud Manager

New LAN Client Analytics enhance network visibility and provide insights to what is connected to your network and how your network being used.


  • Client Analytics: Visibility and management of usage by individual network client





Cradlepoint enhances Extensibility Platform offering

Build your custom solutions on Cradlepoint platforms


  • SDK — Extensible UI: Enhance your SDK with custom status page, or customize your WiFi hotspot landing page.


October Launch 2016

Cradlepoint Announces Support of FirstNet for Emergency Responders

Cradlepoint is first in the industry with FirstNet (Band 14 LTE) support across all routing platforms including emergency vehicles, mobile command centers, and fixed locations such as police and fire stations.


  • Supported across all purpose-built router platforms: vehicles, fixed locations (Police/Fire Stations), Machine to Machine, Failover
  • Modular modem enables deployment now, or field upgrades when FirstNet becomes available






Cradlepoint introduces Category 4 Modems for AER & ARC

Cradlepoint continues leadership in 4G LTE WAN connectivity with the introduction of high performance Category 4 LTE modems and lower cost for the AER and ARC product families.


  • MC400LP4: Modem module to enable all AER and ARC family products with Cat 4 modem technology
  • AER1600LP4: New AER Family product with embedded Cat 4 modem






Cradlepoint Introduces NetCloud Platform

Cradlepoint NetCloud is a new platform strategy that combines 4G LTE, SD-WAN and Cloud Services. The NetCloud platform now includes NetCloud Manager (network management) and NetCloud Engine (Network-as-a-Service) under one integrated platform.






Cradlepoint introduces NetCloud Engine (Early Release Availability)

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine (NCE) is a new cloud-based Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) that lets customers quickly and easily create a secure private network that uses cloud technology for connecting people, places and things.


  • Build and deploy secure virtual overlay networks in minutes
  • Reduce WAN cost and complexity
  • Protect from risks associated with BYOD






NetCloud Manager Adds New Analytics Capabilities

New WAN analytics enhance network management and provide deeper insight into network operations.


  • WAN Uptime Analytics: WAN uptime availability across all WAN interfaces





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