Cradlepoint Enhances SD-WAN Offering with Release of Firmware 6.3

Smart WAN Selection (SWANS)


What is it: Intelligently monitors primary WAN link performance and provides smart, automated failover when primary WAN connection degrades based on preset metrics: Latency, Jitter, Signal Strength, Data Usage.




  • Best-in-class SD-WAN functionality for environments with LTE and WiFi-as-WAN connections
  • Optimizes WAN link for primary application:
    • Improved application performance
    • Better customer experience
  • Increased WAN reliability and availability means increased business continuity
  • Smooth transition between links with Smart Disconnect


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Auto-QoS: Automatic Quality of Service


What is it: Queueing algorithm that automatically prioritizes real-time user interactive traffic such as voice and video when network congestion occurs.




  • Automatically optimizes interactive network traffic, such as voice and video, over bulk traffic such as email and file transfer
  • Ensures best-possible application experience for users
  • No manual QoS configuration by network admin required


QoS diagram


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Knowledge Base Articles:


Series 3 FW v6.0 and newer: Configuring Quality of Service (QoS)

IKEv2 Support


What is it: Latest version of Internet Key Exchange protocol (used in IPSec).




  • Improved security with Suite B Compliance
  • Builds VPN tunnels faster
  • Enhanced authentication with X.509 certificates
  • Improved encryption policies & security
  • Mobility support (MOBIKE)

IKEv2 Support diagram


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Knowledge Base Articles:


Series 3 FW v6.0 and newer: VPN Quick Start Guide for Capable Cradlepoint Products

Enhanced Network Supportability


What is it: Tools for network administrators and Managed Service Providers to ensure efficient and continuous network operation.


Firewall Hit Counter Benefits:


  • See what is being blocked by the firewall
  • Test and verify policies are behaving as expected
  • Optimize rule sets by seeing which rules are being enforced most often (or least often)


Improved IPSec Status Benefits:


  • See detailed status of IPSec tunnels straight from the router UI
  • Faster to diagnose and fix any configuration errors
  • Tunnel failure causes at a glance


Support Status Page Benefits:


  • Quickly connect with Cradlepoint Support when needed
  • Easy recording of Support Logs
  • Direct links to contact Support from router menu


Knowledge Base Articles:


FW 6 Firewall Hit Counter


Enhanced Network Support diagram