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Join us for the Wireless WAN World Tour 2021 — an exclusive two-day event that energizes, inspires, and connects the leaders in our industry for a forum that will leave you with the knowledge and insight to propel your business forward for the remainder for the year.

This is a prime opportunity to meet and talk with several industry experts, representatives from Cradlepoint’s partner community, as well as Cradlepoint management.

Two-day event: May 5 & 6


Session 1:
9 AM – 1 PM MDT
(4 PM – 8 PM GMT+1, 1 AM – 5 AM AET)

Session 2:

7 PM – 11 PM MDT
(1 AM – 5 AM GMT+1, 11 AM – 3 PM AET)

Session 1:
9 AM – 1 PM MDT
(4 PM – 8 PM GMT+1, 1 AM – 5 AM AET)

Session 2:

7 PM – 11 PM MDT
(1 AM – 5 AM GMT+1, 11 AM – 3 PM AET)

*This event is for Cradlepoint partners only.


Keynote Presentation

with Special Guest



Interaction, engagement, and discussion



Products, programs, and promotions



Live performances

Events schedule for May 5th

Keynotes and General Sessions



Eric Purcell​, SVP Global Partner Sales​


Think Big: Global Wireless WAN and 5G Market Opportunity

George Mulhern, Cradlepoint CEO​


Our Global Sales Strategy and Investing to Win!​

Mark Pugerude, CSO​


Exclusive: Product Announcements & Ericsson Update​

Todd Krautkremer, CMO​


Going Global​

Eric Purcell​, SVP Global Partner Sales​


Meet Your Leaders, Hear Their Plans

Bryan Wood, SVP North America Sales
James Bristow, SVP EMEA
Gavin Wilson, General Manager APAC

Breakout Sessions

5G is here – how to compete and win with CP 5G solutions

Speakers: James Weaver & Anthony Lawson

Learn the basics of Cradlepoint’s new 5G solutions and understand what solutions to position in various markets and spectrum layers and how you can become a trusted advisor for 5G.

Wireless WAN: What is it and How to Capitalize on the Next Wave of WAN Transformation

Speaker: James Weaver

Wireless WAN deployments continue to grow and will eventually become mainstream. To become an emerging leader in this market, learn how to identify and create incremental Wireless WAN opportunities.

What’s going on with PCN: Learn about the Next Massive Cradlepoint Opportunity

Speakers: Paul Rodeghiero & Michael Dickens

The Private Cellular Network (PCN) market is growing rapidly. Learn what a PCN is, where are the opportunities, and how to position Cradlepoint’s complete line of PCN endpoints including the new R500-PLTE.

Recurring Revenue via Cradlepoint Subscriptions

Speaker: Stoney Tuckness

Maximize your recurring revenue from Cradlepoint subscriptions with a solid understanding of Cradlepoint subscription lifecycle, renewal process and the tools to make your team more efficient.

How to Compete and Win with Cradlepoint Branch Router Solutions

Speakers: Dee Dee Paré, Joe Wagner, & Anthony Lawson

Cradlepoint branch solutions are uniquely suited for Wireless WAN with the right customers at the WAN edge. Learn how to identify the right targets, how to approach and what competitive considerations will help arm you with the right ammunition.

Global Solutions: How to position and sell to multinational customers

Speaker: Chandru Sundarraman

Learn Cradlepoint’s international capabilities and how you can position Cradlepoint solutions for Multinational Enterprise customers. Speaker will also share our global vision and how you could leverage our global scale to address your customer’s international needs.

How Cradlepoint Solutions Give You an IoT Edge

Speakers: Peddi Indukuri & Paul Rodeghiro

Learn what is new in IoT and how Cradlepoint can enable IoT use cases across branch, mobile, and IoT segments. Learn about bluetooth, edge compute, and third party integrations for IoT deployments.

New Opportunities in Branch Continuity for the Cloud Era

Speakers: Dee Dee Paré & Mauricio Steffen

Continuity may have been foundational for Cradlepoint, but now a new line up, 5G, and failover story will help us build relevancy with top customers between WAN refreshes. Learn how to build a foothold with continuity to land and expand the account.

Accelerate Your Growth in the 5G era with CP Mobile Solutions

Speakers: Jake Smith & Paul Rodeghiro

5G is available for in-vehicle installations! Learn everything you need to know about the NetCloud Mobile Performance Service with the R1900 and how to position it against the competition.

Everything you need to know about Antennas

Speakers: David Rush & Jake Smith

What is the Cradlepoint antenna program? What is an approved antenna? How do antennas get approved? Are there new antennas for 5G? And what if my customer wants to use a different antenna?

Events Schedule for May 6th

Keynotes and General Sessions



Eric Purcell​, SVP Global Partner Sales​


Product Roadmap Live & ​Special 5G Demo​

Ian Pennell, CPO​
Marc Bresniker, VP Product Management​


Roadmap To Selling More​

Donna Johnson​, VP Product & Solutions Marketing​


2021 Partner Program:​ Investments in Your Success​

Eric Purcell​, SVP Global Partner Sales​


The Big Picture: AI and its Impact on Telecommunications​

Lisa Guess​, SVP Global Solution Engineering​


Bringing It All Together for You​

George Mulhern, Cradlepoint CEO​

Breakout Sessions

Get To Know Cradlepoint Security Solutions

Speakers: Donna Johnson & Aaron Maben

Learn about the array of security options available with Cradlepoint NetCloud and from integration partners. Learn in this session how to use security to position for the win.

NetCloud Analytics, Dashboards, and Reporting, Oh My!

Speakers: Matt Knollenberg, Aparnika Naveen & Presley  Troyer

NetCloud Manager elevates important analytics and insights through visually intriguing dashboards and reports that allow users to make better decisions and save costs. Effectively demonstrate new dashboards, integrations, and insights to show users how to take advantage of and control wireless WAN capabilities from the cloud to the device.

NetCloud Manager Roadmap – See the Future of Wireless WAN Management

Speaker: Mike Hagman

Get a glimpse into the future of wireless WAN network management with the NetCloud Roadmap. See how the service differentiates and grows including intelligence and automation, 5G, planning, recommendations, quailty and diagnostics, and more.

Trade Up to Cradlepoint: Expand within current customers and replace competitors in new ones

Speakers: Stoney Tuckenss & Presley Troyer

Make the most of the customer focused Trade Up incentive. The Trade Up program is a great way to move customers off of a competitive solution or off of an older Cradlepoint products. Learn how to use the program to accelerate sales.

Work from Anywhere – Give Execs and IT what they need for a distributed workforce

Speakers: Mauricio Steffen & Robin Manke-Cassidy

A distributed workforce is the new reality for organizations –  not a temporary state of being.  In this session we discuss key components, positioning the appropriate solution and the best use cases to target.  We’ll cover the WFH ROI, from the device to the carrier plans.  You will walk away from this session knowing which conversations to have and how to win this important segment.

Successfully Integrating Cradlepoint into your Managed Service Practice

Speaker: Tony Puopolo

Learn how to integrate Cradlepoint solutions into your Managed Service Practice with NetCloud Manager and API/SDK, and increase your engagement with your customers.

How to Accelerate Your Public Sector Sales with Cradlepoint

Speakers: Jacqui Campbell & Carrie Cate Clements

Learn best practices on how you can leverage our public sector programs including FirstConnect, the grants program, NASPO, and others to help you sell within Public Sector, increase your revenue, and avoid pitfalls.

Partner Marketing: How We Grow Together

Speaker: Krissy Kelley

Hear partner success stories marketing with Cradlepoint, what’s working and what’s not in positioning your company and your value proposition.  Understand the marketing tools, campaigns and resources available today and on the roadmap.

Demystifying Wireless WAN and Network Operators

Speaker: Todd Leeson

This session will highlight the status of mobile operator 5G network rollouts and carrier strategies in positioning Cradlepoint branch, mobile and IoT solutions.

Partner Program: Expand Reach. Accelerate Revenue.

Speakers: Michelle Obrochta & Lisa Wight

How to take advantage of Cradlepoint’s Partner Program and distribution benefits.