4G LTE Delivers a Competitive Edge for Healthcare Applications

The “consumerization” of healthcare and sweeping policy changes will require that healthcare providers become more competitive or risk being left behind. 

While M2M and IoHT technologies promise to create massive efficiencies and a transformed patient experience, traditional wired connectivity solutions are often costly, difficult to deploy, and don’t offer the flexibility required. 

Cradlepoint solutions leverage 4G LTE to offer reliable, flexible, secure connectivity that is dependable and easy to deploy while enabling healthcare organizations to maintain the highest levels of network security needed to deploy M2M and IoHT. 

Discussion will include how: 

  • Check-in kiosks streamline administrative tasks and help patients access and update important information. 
  • Telehealth and “clinic-in-a-store” kiosks let patients conduct health screenings, update their personal health records, and conduct virtual appointments with health professionals via video streaming. 
  • Wireless Real-Time Location Systems (WRTLS) allow IT administrators to track and locate medical devices across massive campuses, reducing overhead and wasted time. 
  • Medical devices that need maintenance or supply refills can be monitored remotely

​Join Ed Walton, VP, and Roger Billings, Global Solutions Architect at Cradlepoint, for a live webinar on Nov. 14th, 2017, at 9:00 am PT to discover more about effective healthcare applications and 4G LTE.