The Game-Changing Impact of Gigabit-Class LTE on Enterprise Networking

With the arrival of Gigabit-Class LTE network solutions for enterprises and public safety agencies, the era of wireless WAN is here — and enterprise networking will never be the same. Utilizing Elastic Wideband technology, Cradlepoint’s new cloud-managed routers featuring built-in Gigabit-Class LTE modems provide the speeds, reliability, and flexibility necessary to drastically improve existing use cases, and to enable new ones that have never been possible in branch or vehicle settings.

With game-changing Gigabit-Class LTE, which leverages technologies that are foundational pieces of 5G, wireless now meets or exceeds other broadband networks, but with the added value of mobility, immediate deployment, and standardized billing on a single nationwide carrier.

Join Donna Johnson, vice president of product and solution marketing at Cradlepoint, for a live webinar to explore how the world’s first Gigabit-Class LTE solutions for enterprise networking can revolutionize wireless WAN and put organizations on the Pathway to 5G.