Live Webinar | Boise Police Department Builds a Better Network for Less

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This new series of webinars focuses on our customer’s experience and their success. In this series you'll learn from your peers best practices and innovative approaches for creating dynamic distributed networks.

The network technology inside Boise Police Department’s cruiser fleet was outdated, expensive, and difficult to maintain. Deputy Chief of Operations, Eugene Smith had a forward-thinking vision to upgrade the network to enable officers to spend more time patrolling, adapt to evolving technology, and reduce the amount of IT resources needed to maintain the network—all in the face of an unmoving budget.

Join Cradlepoint and the Boise Police Department to learn more about the department’s police cruiser technology refresh and how Cradlepoint has enabled in-vehicle connectivity so the Boise officers can protect and serve.

Attendees will learn how:

  • The Boise PD implemented a better solution for its fleet of cruisers and saved taxpayer dollars in the face of an unmoving budget
  • This solution makes the officers safer in their vehicles
  • To reduce man-hours for firmware upgrades and fixes
  • This solution increases officer satisfaction and productivity

“We needed to lower our costs and were looking for the best solution for our officers. Sometimes you follow best practices and sometimes you have to make them,” ~Deputy Chief Eugene Smith, Boise PD

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