Live Webinar | Defending Enterprise Networks from Cyber Exploits

Today, cyber attacks are broader, deeper, and more sophisticated than ever before. Criminals view the network’s Edge as a soft target, since the distributed locations frequently process highly sensitive data while often employing weaker security practices. With security at forefront of every distributed enterprise’s consciousness, it’s more important than ever to cultivate a comprehensive solution for network security.

It takes a layered, scalable approach to check all the boxes that IT managers are responsible for — and preparing for the known unknowns — like phishing/spoofing attacks, defending IoT on-ramps, and how to respond using open source security analytics.

Join Cradlepoint Chief Security Officer, Kent Woodruff, a white-hat hacker, to learn about social engineering, spoofing, phishing, and a review of IoT attacks to learn best practices for defending enterprise networks.

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