Live Webinar: The Real Value of an SD-WAN

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Until recently there has been very little fundamental innovation in how WANs are designed and implemented. Driven by the development of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), that is changing.

Now, there are tremendous advantages that result from applying SDN concepts within the WAN. To date, the discussion of an SD-WAN has focused primarily on WAN solutions that feature dynamic load balancing of traffic over MPLS and Internet links that connect branch offices. While that is a very important application, applying SDN concepts to the WAN can provide far more value than what is possible with a hybrid WAN use case.

Join us for our live webinar with industry expert Dr. Jim Metzler on Tuesday, May 10, at 12 pm EDT/17.00 BST to learn more about how SDN is changing the way networks are built and managed, and about the real value an SD-WAN can bring to distributed networks.

Attendees will learn about:
+ Virtualized compute & virtualized networks
+ How SDN enables network services
+ SD-WAN uses cases beyond branch offices, including IoT, in-vehicle, and more
+ The business demand versus social demand driving SDN/SD-WAN adoption

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