Live Webinar: Ultimate Multi-WAN Diversity

The evolution of the distributed enterprise network and its ability to deliver for the brand has dramatically changed in the last decade.

Today, wireless broadband WAN connectivity is pervasive and is the wave of the future. 4G LTE has outpaced MPLS, Cable, DSL, and other means of traditional wired WAN networking — and at a fraction of the cost.

Now, the ‘Store of the Future’ is here with cutting-edge technology offering Ethernet LAN connectivity over 4G LTE wireless broadband. With dual active 4G LTE modems, wired Ethernet WAN connectivity, dual-band/dual-concurrent ac WiFi, and enterprise-grade security — all in a consolidated, easy-to-manage platform, delivering a reliable and scalable broadband experience.

The convergence of wired and wireless connectivity into a single platform reduces PCI scope, simplifies network complexity, and lowers the carbon footprint of your network; all while leveraging the cloud for remote management and best-in-breed security solutions.

Join us for this webinar on Jan. 19th at 9am PT/12pm ET to learn about Ultimate Multi-WAN Diversity, network cost-savings through cutting-edge technology, and how the ‘Store of the Future’ is here now.

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