Live Webinar: The Use of 4G LTE as an Enterprise WAN

Managing the networks of widely dispersed locations and remote fleets takes real-time, centralized intelligence. Today, wireless broadband WAN connectivity is pervasive across North America and is the wave of the future. 4G LTE has outpaced MPLS, Cable, DSL, and other means of traditional wired WAN networking at a fraction of the cost.

4G LTE as an Enterprise WAN coupled with next generation cloud management securely delivers that intelligent networking to enable distributed enterprises quick deployments, increase reliability, and reduces the costs of managing networks at the Edge.

Join us for this webinar on July 14th, 2015 at 8:00am PDT/11:00am EDT to learn case studies for using 4G LTE as an enterprise WAN, risk mitigation of offloading apps to separate Parallel Networks, how to implement customer analytics and engagement without jeopardizing PCI compliance, and the following ROI’s of:

  • Downtime reduction through redundancy
  • T1 replacement using wired + wireless
  • “Day-1” Internet for new or temporary locations

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