LTE and the Future of Technology in Public Safety

The global emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus the importance of LTE mission-critical communications. Emergency and first responders are utilizing LTE-enabled networks to instantly deploy diagnostic systems and response teams in parking lots, vacant buildings, military bases, and other first-line-of-defense environments.

The use of mission-critical LTE is growing within public safety agencies as a complement to LMR and P25 communications, driven by the adoption of digital technologies as well as FirstNet and other nationwide public safety broadband networks. The growth rate is faster for vehicles, where LTE-based mobile routers are enabling robust in-vehicle networks.

Join us to discover how LTE is transforming mission-critical communications within public safety. Speakers will discuss:

  • Commercial and nationwide public safety broadband cellular networks trends, including 5G
  • Specific use cases enabled by LTE, including use cases in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How LMR and P25 devices are integrating LTE to expand first responder connectivity options
  • What is the pathway to 5G for public safety