ONUG Fall 2017


New York City, NY
United States

Open Netwokring User Group (ONUG) Fall 2017 is the leading Industry conference for IT Professionals. By attending the conference, you will have access to an event where IT professionals take center stage to share their hybrid cloud infrastructure plans. These plans address retooling IT teams with a new comprehensive instrumentation suite, security in a software/containerized world, and software-defining the wide area. You'll also learn about the new IT culture, skills, and organization needed for network lifecycle management. 

You will be able to network with innovative industry leaders and learn from peers who have deployed open infrastructure solutions. You will learn about what challenges they faced, how they overcame those challenges and the benefits they’re experiencing, as well as business value that has been created as a result.

Topics include:

  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Challenges and solutions for moving enterprise workload into public cloud
  • Infrastructure automation options
  • Software-defined  security
  • Monitoring & Analytics: big data tools for software-management lifecycle
  • IT organizational design for the cloud era

Cradlepoint is proud to be exhibiting at this fall's conference. Come to our booth to learn about SD-WAN, SD-Perimeter, and remote cloud services. Visit ONUG's website for registration information. Location and booth number TBD.