Public Safety Antenna Challenges, Choosing the Best Fit

Agencies can achieve reliable networking through Cradlepoint’s cloud-delivered LTE wireless solutions, but there is still the important step of choosing an antenna option. Obtaining the optimal signal quality for mobile networks can be guaranteed by selecting the best-fit antenna.

In the public safety field, antennas may live inside or outside vehicles and may be exposed to jostling, dust, water, or other outdoor elements. Agencies require specific antennas for the use of mobile applications including:

  • MDTs inside the vehicle to file reports and access files without having to go back to headquarters.
  • WiFi for extended coverage range so vehicles can share connectivity.
  • GPS and CAD to send responders to the emergencies nearest to them.
  • Handheld devices or tablets used outside the vehicle to collect data at the scene of an emergency.

Agencies need to know the right antenna to choose for different applications, or if they plan to use more than one carrier.