Smart Cities Start with Secure, Pervasive Wireless Connectivity

As citizens become more connected and dependent on cloud applications, mobile interactions, and IoT devices in their everyday lives, the expectation rises for how they want municipal infrastructure and services to operate. They expect WiFi access on mass transit, connected parking, digital signage and wayfinding, more intelligent traffic management, convenient kiosks instead of long lines for public services, and rapid response when it comes to police, fire, and other emergency services.

At the same time, local government agencies are under pressure to upgrade infrastructure, expand services, improve responsiveness, and modernize customer experience, all while grappling with higher costs and shifting population demographics. These forces are driving municipalities to embrace Smart Cities initiatives, which start with secure and pervasive wireless connectivity.  

Join Cradlepoint on June 6, 2018, at 12 pm PT for a live webinar on the “state” of Smart Cities. Learn how municipalities around the U.S., and the world, are meeting the challenge of rising citizen expectations, services reinvention, accelerating service delivery, and reducing costs by deploying a foundation of pervasive wireless networks that connect people, places, and things across the city.