Software-Defined Everything at the Elastic Edge




From SD-WAN at branches and quick-serve restaurants to SD-Perimeter (SD-P) for the Internet of Things and remote employees, networks today need constant connectivity, mobility, cloud services and software-defined everything. The Elastic Edge of the network requires a secure, next-generation WAN that expands, contracts, and evolves at a moment’s notice.

Join Tyler Peterson and Matt Thueson of Cradlepoint for a live webinar on Aug. 16, 2017, to discuss use cases and success stories for SD-WAN, SD-P, and always-available LTE connectivity. 

Attendees will learn about:

+ The characteristics of the Elastic Edge
+ Simpler, more efficient networking at the branch level
+ Virtual Cloud Networks and dark cloud security for IoT
+ Real-word SD-WAN and SD-P success stories