Streamlined Healthcare IT With Cloud-Managed Wired & Wireless Solutions

In healthcare, network administrators and IT teams face a unique array of ongoing challenges. Always-on connectivity is more than just mission-critical; it’s about saving lives. Care services must extend beyond fixed locations and far into the field. Also, healthcare practitioners need access to sensitive patient data anytime, anywhere — and security breaches are unacceptable.
From primary connections at fixed locations to temporary networks, in-vehicle applications, and the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT), healthcare organizations are looking for purpose-built, cloud-managed solutions that foster HIPAA Compliance and minimize hardware, complexity, man-hours, and costs.

At 9am PT / 12pm ET on April 12, 2017, join Cradlepoint’s Roger Billings to explore the many ways healthcare organizations are joining data, cloud, security, and the evolving IoT with intelligent networking to stay always connected and secure.