Understanding How Gigabit LTE Complements & Leads to 5G

As operators enhance existing networks with LAA, CBRS, and other current-day technologies, Gigabit LTE stands out as a key component in the monumental transition toward 5G. While there’s significant buzz about the ways in which 5G will transform business operations, the benefits of Gigabit LTE and enhancements to existing networks are being overlooked. It’s important for organizations to understand how Gigabit LTE and private LTE can help transform their operations now and help prepare them for 5G.

Join Cradlepoint’s Lindsay Notwell, senior VP of 5G strategy and global carrier operations, and James Weaver, senior product marketing manager, for a live webinar to explore how Gigabit LTE’s speed and reliability are enhancing wireless networking use cases — and continuing the pathway to 5G.