COR IBR1100 Manual


Click on the links below to view sections of the Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Series manual as Knowledge Base articles. For a searchable PDF version, click here.


Quick Start

Administration Pages

See Navigating the Administration Pages for helpful information about how to use the device's GUI-based management interface.

These buttons correspond to the top menu bar in the router administration pages. Click on a button to reveal the manual content related to that section:


NOTE: The manual content for the following administration pages sections is generic across multiple devices. Therefore, some details may not apply to the COR IBR1100 or COR IBR1150 because they are specific to another device. For example, CP Secure Threat Management is only available for the AER 2100. Also, the configuration pages within NetCloud Manager (NCM) are very similar to the local router administration pages, but some items are missing because they are not relevant in the NCM environment. For example, the entire Status tab is absent in NCM because status information is presented in other ways (Dashboard, Devices list, etc.).