How to Buy NetCloud Manager

New Customers

If you are a new customer, and interested in cloud management for the NetCloud Service, please contact your Approved Cradlepoint Partner.

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer currently using NetCloud Manager (NCM) Standard or Prime, please contact our Inside Sales Team for an upgrade quote to the NetCloud Service with Advanced Add-On plan (optional).  You can then use the quote to purchase through your Approved Cradlepoint Partner.


Product Requirements

NetCloud Manager is a key component of every Cradlepoint NetCloud Package. The NetCloud Branch, Mobile, and IoT Essentials plans include the key features required for cloud management of your network.  An Advanced Add-On plan is available for additional features and may include: content filtering and traffic analytics, depending on your package.

To see the features available in each package type, please see our NetCloud Comparison Matrix.

Supported Cradlepoint Routers

NetCloud Branch, Mobile, and IoT Essentials plans each include the NetCloud Service for a set term of 1*, 3, and 5 years. NetCloud Manager is an essential part of that service. A purchase of a new term for the NetCloud service is required at the end of each term to continue with the benefits of NetCloud Manager and cloud management.


*Branch and Mobile platforms only.

Part Numbers

All NetCloud Service Plans (BA-, BB-, BC-, BD-, MA-, and TA-) include a subscription to an Essentials plan that includes NetCloud Manager, NetCloud Perimeter, and Support.  An Advanced Add-On plan is available in every segment for additional features. 

To continue to use NetCloud Manager’s cloud management service, keep a current subscription to the NetCloud Service continuously.