NCM - Visibility / Analytics tab

Cellular Data Usage Analytics


Easily monitor and manage LTE data usage per carrier to optimize costs and avoid overages.

  • Visualize, compare & optimize carrier data usage & costs across multiple carriers in a single pane of glass​
  • Analyze LTE data usage based on devices in pooled/grouped data plans​
  • Predict carrier metered data usage during billing cycles & alert to avoid overage charges

Client Analytics


Complete customizable visibility of Local Area Network (LAN) client usage across entire network.

  • Monitor, analyze & predict client usage per network, group, or individual router
  • Provides valuable sales & marketing insights for understanding customer behavior & usage trends
  • Block unwanted clients directly from Dashboard

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Application Analytics screen shot

Traffic Analytics


New - Automatically identify thousands of applications across your entire network to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze traffic per WAN interface.

  • Improve network management by understanding HOW your network is being used
  • Optimize network performance based on application usage​​
  • Combine with QoS, application-aware firewall & WAN Infinity for tuning & shaping network traffic

Traffic Application Analytics (2:58)




Analytics that show Wide Area Network (WAN) uptime across all available sources of external connectivity.

  • View WAN availability metrics across entire network, group, or router
  • Estimated WAN Uptime Service Level & view historical WAN Uptime
  • Quickly identify poor performing networks, groups, or devices