3 Takeaways from 5G North America

Originally published May 21, 2018

At the recent 5G North America and Big Communications Event in Austin, Texas, the fanfare about 5G was not surprising. However, what continues to surpass expectations is the level of eagerness for it among enterprises, the breadth of potential use cases, and the accelerated timelines for its arrival.

As I heard various potential applications for 5G and answered audience questions alongside leaders from companies such as Ericsson, Intel, and Telit during our panel event, it was impossible not to get excited. I have a few key takeaways from the event, all of which were underlined by one simple fact: 5G’s potential impact is seemingly limitless.

It is now clear that while full 5G deployments will take some time, initial launches are poised to begin sooner than anticipated. During the rollout of 3G and 4G, the deadlines for key standards were pushed later and later throughout the process. For 5G, the standards have actually been delivered ahead of schedule. Nothing is set in stone, but as of now, I’m optimistic that 5G will arrive ahead of schedule, not behind.

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