5 things to know about 5G with Cradlepoint's Lindsay Notwell

Originally posted July 23, 2017

As a consumer, you may not have heard of Cradlepoint, but you’ve probably benefited from the services it provides.

Cradlepoint creates products that allow their customers — mainly corporations and small businesses — to build their own network, including routers that convert wireless broadband into Wi-Fi or ethernet.

For instance, Cradlepoint works alongside private network company Radiant to provide a secure, reliable wireless connection for Tim Hortons locations across Canada.

You may also know of Cradlepoint from its earlier, more consumer-focused phase. Eleven years ago it was one of the pioneers of mobile hotspots, gaining its name from its form factor; a cradle where you placed your phone to make it an access point.

Lindsay Notwell, vice-president of carrier and international business at Cradlepoint — and a 17-year Verizon veteran who was executive director of its LTE network rollout — recently spoke with MobileSyrup on the subject of 5G.

Notwell, who noted Cradlepoint was already working with early 5G developers to become the first to market in 5G routing, shared his opinion on several aspects of the new wireless generation. Below are his key observations.

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