The 50 Years of Technology Between Two Great Eras of Change

Originally published October 22, 2016

Technology has come a long way over the last 50 years, but many of the complex and high-performing technologies we have now have their roots in the unprecedented changes of the late 1960s.

"When RAND researcher, Paul Baran, set out to design a more robust, redundancy-based communications network that would enable the military to communicate in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, he had no idea he was laying the foundation of the Internet we all know and love today.  Baran’s concept of separating information into packets before sending them out across a decentralised network of unmanned ‘switching’ nodes quickly led to the creation of a high-speed, digital framework for exchanging information we now call the Internet,” explains Todd Krautkremer, CMO at Cradlepoint. 

“50 years on and we are witnessing the birth of another networking revolution with 5G, which is poised to be as transformative as the Internet itself.  It has been less than a decade since 4G offered us wireless speeds of up to 100 megabits per second – the turning point for many data heavy technologies like music streaming and video conferencing.  In no time at all, LTE Advanced Pro will be able to deliver speeds up to 10 times faster.  5G will build on this to provide network latency in the single digit milliseconds, massive connectivity for IoT and significantly longer batter life.  5G will provide the foundation for software-defined infrastructure and carrier-edge computing, and just like 4G – and the Internet before that – it will act as the springboard for an abundance of fledgling technologies, including virtual reality, remote-controlled robotics, telemedicine and autonomous vehicles," continues Krautkremer.

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