5G is here


Originally posted by Verizon on Sept. 11, 2018

Online orders start Thursday, Sept. 13; Verizon 5G Home broadband internet service goes live Oct. 1

  • The world’s first commercial 5G service, Verizon 5G Home, launches on Oct. 1, and will be available for order on Thursday, September 13, in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento at FirstOn5G.com
  • 5G Home is built on the world’s first and only 5G Ultra Wideband Network
  • Verizon is first in the world to provide a commercial 5G service, with plans for rapid broadband internet, and 5G mobility service

NEW YORK — “5G is here,” said Hans Vestberg, Verizon Chief Executive Officer.

Continuing its legacy of consumer firsts, Verizon is launching Verizon 5G Home, the world’s first commercial 5G broadband internet service, on October 1. And beginning Thursday at 8am ET, U.S. consumers can visit FirstOn5G.com to learn more about the service and sign up to be a “First On 5G” Member. Verizon 5G Home will initially be available in parts of HoustonIndianapolisLos Angeles and Sacramento. It is built on Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network. Verizon is the first company to bring 5G broadband internet service to consumers and is expected to be the first to offer 5G mobile service.

Verizon has spearheaded the 5G ecosystem for three years, with its 5G Technology Forum, 5G Labs, work with international standards bodies, and collaboration with network equipment and device makers. Further advancing 5G, the company isn’t waiting for the most recent technical standards to deliver 5G Home, pushing ahead with its own proprietary 5G standard in this initial commercial launch. “To be first, we encouraged others in the ecosystem to move more quickly at every step,” said Vestberg. “We appreciate the partnership of network equipment makers, device manufacturers, software developers and chip makers in reaching this critical milestone. The entire wireless industry gets to celebrate.”

The world’s first commercial 5G service, Verizon 5G Home, is live on Oct 1; service is available for order on Thursday

Starting Thursday at 8am ET, consumers can order Verizon 5G Home at FirstOn5G.com. By being an early Member, consumers in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento will get Verizon 5G Home free for three months as part of a special introductory offer available to “First On 5G” Members. After that introductory period, current Verizon Wireless customers with a qualifying smartphone plan will pay $50 per month for the service, while non-Verizon Wireless customers will pay $70 per month. This monthly charge includes all taxes and fees, and does not require an annual contract. There are no additional hardware costs. Verizon 5G Home customers should expect typical network speeds around 300 Mbps and, depending on location, peak speeds of nearly 1 Gig, with no data caps. Verizon 5G Home is ideal for consumers looking to “cut the cord” or upgrade from their current cable service.

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