The Age of 5G: What to Expect with Next-Generation Wireless

Originally published July 24, 2018

We’ve been travelling the pathway to 5G for quite a while now, but it still feels like only yesterday that 4G made a momentous entrance to the mobile connectivity scene. More than eight years later, our modern 4G networks often perform better and more reliably than many wired networks. Music streaming on the go, high-quality video calls and download speeds pushing 50 megabits per second are all part of our daily lives.

Most of us can agree there has been a fair amount of hype around 5G. Despite this, the standards bodies have consistently delivered ahead of schedule. True to form, they have now delivered the final part of the 5G foundation – the 5G standalone network specification. Put simply, this means that infrastructure providers now have a final specification they can work to when building equipment for network operators.

Notwithstanding the hype, 5G will be just as impactful as 4G once was. In the not too distant future, we’ll see speeds up to ten times faster than we are currently used to, and network latency in the single digit milliseconds. It’s not unlikely that eight years from now, we could be waxing nostalgic about virtual reality, remote-controlled robotics, telemedicine and driverless cars.

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