Authenticate First, Connect Second: Cradlepoint Launches New SDP Solution

Originally published December 1, 2017

If securing IoT networks is keeping enterprise IT – and OT – teams awake at night, it’s for a lot of good reasons.

After decades of keeping up with the demands of business units and increasing pressure on ensuring networks are secure, information and operations technology teams are finding themselves struggling with more sophisticated cyber-criminals, more highly public attacks on huge enterprise data and computing environments, and a growing attack surface that is making even voice networks and security cameras a way in to steal private information and confidential data.

And if that wasn’t enough, with the rise of ransomware, enterprise executives and their investors and boards are asking the appropriate hard questions about whether – or not – a cyber-criminal can penetrate a network and take that network down unless millions of dollars are transferred. Some security experts believe there are far more ransomware attacks – and hacks in general – that are unreported given the reputational damage that can happen when customers learn these enterprise networks, e-commerce systems, and payment systems are vulnerable.

Given all that, what CIO would push to add IoT endpoints to enterprise networks, only increasing the “ways in” – for malicious intruders but also for havoc caused unintentionally when more and more endpoints are lit up, in corporate offices, branch offices, factories, franchisees and other distributed locations?

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