The Biggest Myths About 4G in the Enterprise

Originally published June 20, 2018

4G LTE is becoming widely adopted throughout the enterprise. 60% of IT decision makers from more than 100 enterprises stated they were already deploying 4G LTE in a recent study. 4G LTE adoption is also driving an increase in wide-area network (WAN) flexibility, reliability, security and cost-effectiveness.

When it comes to branch, mobile, and IoT realms, LTE is becoming an essential technology for the WAN infrastructure. The proliferation of IoT, cloud, and SaaS applications means there is no choice but to have always-on Internet connectivity. This is causing a fundamental change in the way we design enterprise networks.

Regardless, there are still uncertainties – as with any new technology – about implementing an increasingly wireless WAN. Let’s debunk these myths about LTE in the enterprise to help organisations see it’s a viable option for connectivity at any level.

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