Black Friday 2015: Advice and analysis from those in the know

Originally posted on IT ProPortal, 11/26/15, by Sam Pudwell

Ahead of this year’s Black Friday shopping bonanza, various it professionals have offered their thoughts on what is expected to be a record-breaking day for UK retailers.

Hubert Da Costa, VP EMEA, Cradlepoint:

“All the attention of Black Friday tends to go on its profit making opportunities for retailers, but the forward thinking retailer will also be considering the potential costs of network downtime. Typically network downtime costs an average of £200k an hour, but that is just an average.

“In the retail sector, to be unable to take payments on a day such as Black Friday would be catastrophic. In addition to the financial hit, there is also the negative impact on your brand. The security risks of batch processing aren’t worth taking, but whilst queues of disgruntled customers build, so too can the pressure. When you’re looking at the true eye watering cost of network downtime, the lost opportunity and the reputational damage, it becomes clear a network failover solution does not just provide business continuity on the day, but ensures your business continues to run in the future.”

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