Build Up Your Backups Or Risk A Total Wipeout

Originally published March 29, 2018

It’s crucial for every organisation, no matter how large or small, to ensure that the data they hold is secure and protected. As an example, last year saw chaos ensue across multiple industries as a result of numerous ransomware attacks. Many were unprepared for the sophistication of the threats, and they were often able to infiltrate organisations’ systems before they could be detected. These are not the only situations to worry about, however, as the likes of human error and natural disasters can also be the cause of unexpected data loss. 

Therefore, this World Backup Day it is important for IT leaders to understand and evaluate the backup solutions they have in place (or not), where their data is stored and how to recover it when required – or else risk losing it all. In this article, seven technology experts emphasise the need for backups, and suggest solutions that organisations should be considering. 

Hubert Da Costa, VP and GM EMEA at Cradlepoint

“We are all familiar with the need to back up our data, but often a back up plan for the network is given less thought. No wired connection can deliver 100 per cent uptime. The question is not whether your business will lose Internet connectivity, it’s when. 

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