Business and Enterprise Customer Need Network Redundancy, Fail-over Protection

Originally published July 7, 2017

How many times has the easily avoidable become a costly embarrassment? Forgetting your significant other’s birthday is one thing – making an outrageous statement on social media yet another. But when the embarrassment stems from a major corporate computer systems failure, well, the costs are enormous, the recovery is lengthy.

And yes, the issue is avoidable, even predictable.

British Airlines recently suffered yet another IT systems outage, apparently caused by a major power surge at its data centre: the airline’s website and mobile app went down; its check-in, baggage and boarding pass counters were dark; and its passenger community was outraged.

In any multi-billion-dollar business that depends on full two-way connectivity – from airlines to banks to coffee shops and more – multiple data centres with multiple redundancies for power, storage and especially data throughput should be part of that company’s IT strategy from day one.

That’s surely the way the folks at Cradlepoint see it: the company has made it its mission to provide high-speed, cloud-based networking solutions and robust fail-over capabilities so enterprise customers can keep operating seamlessly and not lose money should their traditional wired service go down.

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