C-Suite Career Advice: George Mulhern, Cradlepoint

Originally published January 9, 2018

What was the most valuable piece of career advice that you received?

I have received a lot of great advice over the years, so it is hard to identify the MVP of advice. One of the more valuable pieces of advice came from a mentor when I was in my first management role. I was struggling with how to improve the performance of someone on my team. She suggested that I stop trying to improve their weaknesses and start focusing on building and leveraging their strengths. Focus on what they do well and build on that foundation to improve their performance. The role of the leader is to inspire, empower and support people to do their absolute best.  What’s more motivating; ‘you are great at X, and here are some suggestions for how you could use those skills to achieve even more’, or ‘to succeed you are going to have to get better at Y’.  Hmmm, pretty obvious. Why didn’t I think of that on my own?

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