Connecting London's buses

Originally published July 26, 2017

London red buses are an iconic sight. They have been a part of the city’s appeal for decades and are a constant reminder of London’s colourful transport history.

More than four billion journeys around the country’s capital are taken by bus – over half of the UK’s total bus journeys. In such a modern, connected city, this popularity demands a new, smarter bus system – one that not only gets you from A to B, but keeps you connected along the way.

The London commute is a talking point for those based both inside and out of the city. After all, Londoners have the longest average commuting times in the country. Many commuters feel pressure to work en-route, but find this difficult to do with limited connectivity. Things are changing for the better though with the introduction of in-vehicle connectivity.

This has the potential to transform the daily commute from an inconvenient time-waste to an efficient mobile workspace. Fast, reliable and dependable connectivity offers passengers the freedom to use the commute as they please – whether that’s tackling their inbox, or catching up on their favourite TV show.

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