Construction sites offices should not wait to get online

Originally published July 26, 2017

As temporary fixtures, construction site offices and marketing sales suites rely on access to their central databases and systems.  They require fast and secure connectivity from the start of the project build — yet wired line solutions can rarely meet this time-based objective and often result in months of costly delays between the project start and ‘Internet on’ date.

Other options such as USB modems are not rugged enough or business-grade – these devices frequently break and fail to deliver the quality of connection required.  As the use of more advanced applications – for example, Building Information Modelling (BIM) – continues to grow in the construction industry, the need for increased bandwidth grows too, further diminishing the reliability of these options.

LTE, commonly known as 4G, is helping businesses achieve ‘always on’ network connectivity.  The technologies built into the LTE networking standard allow mobile network operators to get more capacity out of the same resource, which means the network can handle more traffic and achieve faster speeds.  Since the launch of 4G across the UK the reliability of faster networking has been transformative.  With the latest innovations in networking, businesses are no longer limited to fixed-line services.

The scale and speed offered by 4G mean that businesses can get on-site or temporary networks up and running incredibly quickly.  The reliability offered by these networks means construction companies can be assured of 24/7 connectivity from day one.

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