Cradlepoint and Kajeet Are Turning Bus Time Into Learning Time

Originally published January 22, 2018

One thing often discussed at these edtech conferences, and sometimes in hushed tones, is that there’s still a big digital divide students face all over the United States. When it pertains to how that digital divide is affecting education, our friends at Kajeet call that the “Homework Gap”.

The Homework Gap exists where students may have access to devices at school, they may even be fortunate enough to attend a school with a 1:1 device initiative. But when they get home that device may be nearly useless, because many American homes still don’t have access to high speed internet.

Kajeet solves this problem in two ways, with the Kajeet Smartspot and the Kajeet Smartbus. Kajeet Smartspot’s are wifi hotspots that school’s can utilize in a number of ways. One of the most popular is allowing students to take the Smartspot home. Provisions within the hotspot make it easy for school’s to track where the devices are and to keep kids learning on the internet instead of surfing inappropriate content and dangerous websites.

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