Cradlepoint Cellular Backup Boosts Creative Solutions Connectivity

Originally posted on IoT Connectivity Solutions by Casey Houser, 9/28/15

Cradlepoint, a developer of networking management and security software, recently announced that Creative Solutions in Healthcare will use its products to support network connectivity at its long-term care facilities.

Creative Solutions operates a number of healthcare facilities in Texas. It provides nursing, assisted living, and independent living for people throughout the state. However, despite its intentions to offer reliable care, many of its rural locations face both unreliable wired network performance and the constant threat of severe weather. Cradlepoint is now using its NetCloud Manager to deliver a near 100-percent uptime with wireless, cellular backup connections. Those backups will alleviate the losses of wired connectivity in rural facilities, which have been known to lose power several times per week.

Shawn Wiora, the chief information officer at Creative Solutions, has more:

“Cradlepoint changed the game for our IT department and enabled us to move 100 percent of our network to a cloud-based environment -- an accomplishment that could not be achieved with unreliable connectivity,” Wiora said. “Now when the Internet goes down, Cradlepoint saves the day. They are the partner we need to create reliable, secure networks and gain peace-of-mind our facilities have always-on connectivity.”

NetCloud Manager works by keeping watch of the state of wired networks within Creative Solutions facilities. It makes sure that, when those networks lose connection, it automatically keeps employees connected through a wireless link to Cradlepoint's cloud-based servers. This way, the high wireless uptime that supplements the inconsistent wired connections can work in tandem to ensure that facilities are always connected.

Cradlepoint's cloud can also make it easy for mobile units to keep in touch with centralized servers. Individual doctors, traveling clinics, and emergency response services can all benefit from a cellular connection to the Internet. It can help practitioners offer better, more consistent care to their patients and give healthcare centers an edge over the competition.

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