Cradlepoint Creates a Better In-Vehicle Network for the Boise Police Department

Cradlepoint’s cloud-delivered wireless platforms simplify mission-critical connectivity and in-vehicle network management for officers in Idaho

Boise, ID – August 10, 2015 – Cradlepoint, the global leader in 4G LTE network solutions for distributed enterprises, announced today that the Boise Police Department is leveraging Cradlepoint’s LTE enterprise networking platform to achieve a stable, flexible, and manageable network for its 150-vehicle cruiser fleet. The Cradlepoint solution is designed specifically for distributed and mobile wireless environments and consists of a cloud-delivered management and application platform combined with purpose-built end point hardware. Cradlepoint provides mission-critical connectivity in challenging in-vehicle network environments and makes it easier to quickly and cost-effectively scale deployments and manage the network in real-time. Officers are supported with always-on connectivity, so they can focus less on technology performance and commuting to and from headquarters, and spend more time out in the field keeping their community safe.

“We needed to upgrade the network to adapt to evolving technology, reduce the amount of IT resources needed to maintain the network, and enable officers to spend more time patrolling. Essentially, we needed a network that would do more with less,” said Eugene Smith, deputy chief of operations at the Boise Police Department. “After deploying Cradlepoint in our network and in vehicles, I would never put the old technology back in the cars with our officers. Cradlepoint reduced the amount of technology needed in the car, increasing open space inside the cars, and making it safer for our officers to work and drive.”

Before its Cradlepoint deployment, the legacy technology inside the Boise Police Department’s cruiser fleet was outdated, expensive, and difficult to maintain. Cradlepoint’s COR series of compact, ruggedized 4G LTE networking platforms protect connectivity against extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, dust, water, and more. The Boise Police Department is able to streamline management of its in-vehicle network with Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager. It enables central configuration, monitoring, and management of the Cradlepoint devices, therefore shrinking the time and resources needed to conduct fleet-wide software upgrades and enabling the delivery of cost-effective services to its cruisers.

“Cradlepoint is committed to evolving and enhancing our cloud-delivered wireless solutions to meet modern connectivity demands, whether it is in-vehicle, parallel or primary networking, or M2M and IoT. As a result, we’ve developed the world’s most proven 4G LTE technology platform,” said George Mulhern, CEO for Cradlepoint. “Forward-thinking customers, like the Boise Police Department, leverage our 4G LTE networking platform to meet current connectivity demands, as well as to seamlessly support future growth plans. We simplify connectivity and network management so our customers can drive more efficiency and value into their operations.”

To learn more about how Cradlepoint has enabled in–vehicle connectivity for the Boise Police Department, join the Webinar on August 12, 2015 at 2:00pm EDT by registering here: A case study on the deployment is also available here:

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Press Contact: Ashley Baster Cradlepoint 919.435.9112