Cradlepoint Launches New LTE-Based SD-WAN Capabilities

Originally posted on April 20, 2017

Cloud-based software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) vendor Cradlepoint today rolled out Release 6.3 of its NetCloud OS router software, which is part of its NetCloud platform. The release provides extended SD-WAN capabilities for 4G LTE-dependent networks.

Cradlepoint takes a unique approach to SD-WAN by focusing on networks that have a high degree of 4G connectivity, said Todd Krautkremer, SVP of strategy and corporate development at Cradlepoint.

“Cradlepoint is a go-to for 4G failovers — failovers meaning if the WAN goes down, [customers] deploy a 4G LTE bridge,” he added. “So if the primary link fails, the router will instantly send traffic to the Cradlepoint platform and will instantly set up an LTE connection as the WAN.”

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