Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution Package Subscription Model Targets Branch Offices

Originally published January 16, 2018

Moving forward with its Elastic Edge strategy, Cradlepoint announced a new subscription-based solution pricing model for software and cloud-based wireless wide-area networks (WANs). Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Solution Packages serve as a basis for the new model.

Cradlepoint offers an Elastic Edge for branch, mobile and IoT networking applications. It serves as a blueprint for software-driven wireless WANS. Subscription-based pricing, on the other hand, is commonly used for cloud computing, which allows users to purchase a particular IT service for a period of time.

“Of course, the value of NetCloud Solution Packages is not limited to connecting and protecting cloud computing services,” CMO at Cradlepoint Todd Krautkremer told RCR Wireless News. “However, the all-inclusive subscription is very similar to the pricing models you find in cloud computing where you don’t pay separately for the underlying hardware (i.e. server) — it’s just part of the solution. The other similarity is support — it just baked into the service. Where there is a difference today is that Cradlepoint’s minimum term is 1-year whereas cloud services can be purchased on a consumption basis (e.g. compute hour).”

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