Cradlepoint Router Boosts Network Flexibility for Dance Group

Originally published July 6, 2018

Connecting an audience to the motion and music of a dance production takes more than dance and musical skills. For one professor, it required network flexibility and the Cradlepoint AER2100 router.

Blending music, dance and technology requires flexibility.

In some cases, that flexibility encompasses more than dancers' fluid movements and the music that accompanies them. It also entails network flexibility to support a combination of contemporary dance, music and a mobile app that increases audience participation in a performance. In one case, Cradlepoint's AER2100 router provided that flexibility.

For John Toenjes, music director for the department of dance at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, this curiosity in combining music, dance and technology emerged in the late '70s.

"I discovered early on in my career that through motion capture, I could combine my interest in computers, music and dance into a research agenda," Toenjes said. This discovery eventually led to a university grant and an exploratory class that pursued ways to use iPads with dance and performance.

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