Cradlepoint Sees SD-WAN Opening

Originally published August 29, 2017

In the world of SD-WANs, vendors and service providers alike are looking for ways to differentiate. In the case of Cradlepoint, however, it turns out their differentiation has brought them into the world of SD-WANs.

As both a vendor of specialty hardware and a cloud services provider, Cradlepoint Inc. has capitalized on the growing popularity of LTE wireless service as a failover for business continuity, or even the first choice of connection in some places. Working mostly through third-party sales channels, including AT&T, Verizon and others, the company is known for its routers that integrate a landline service with a wireless service and allow the two to operate seamlessly for multi-site corporations.

It turns out that the combination of the Cradlepoint router and its cloud-based services for policy infrastructure and orchestration deliver what looks very much like an SD-WAN: management of applications across the WAN infrastructure based on their requirements and the real-time performance of the network, with a strong eye on cost efficiency.

So while other vendors are now bringing SD-WAN to market that can aggregate 4G LTE circuits with broadband and MPLS connections, Cradlepoint has been in the market doing that for some time and has an established customer base of about 17,000 businesses globally.

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